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Welcome to Northeastern Regional Bible College!

Welcome to the official website of Northeastern Regional Bible College. We are excited that you chose to visit us! At NRBC, we are dedicated to the mission of helping the “Church” proclaim the gospel both locally and throughout the world by training and equipping men and women for manifold ministries. If you are seeking an educational program that will enhance your opportunities for a career working in a field of ministry, then NRBC is the answer.

If after carefully reviewing the information on our website, you feel lead by the Holy Spirit to seek further information concerning NRBC or enroll in one of our academic program offerings, please contact us.

Thank you for allowing us to become a part of your journey. Remember you are not alone in your walk with Christ. It is our pleasure to see you grow and prosper in the blessings of God. 

God Bless,

Bishop J. Phillip Betts
President and CEO

Northeastern Regional Bible College is:

  • A Bible-based program with emphasis on Holy Spirit Leadership
  • Challenging academically while strengthening spiritually
  • Flexible, Affordable and Accessible

As a result of choosing Northeastern Regional Bible College you will be able to:

  • Learn with a nationally recognized educational program.
  • Pursue course of study in a more self-directed pace.
  • Enhance your career opportunity in the ministry.

Want Bibical Studies

Mission Statement

Northeastern Regional Bible College (NRBC) was established in 2006 by Cornerstone Christian Community Church of Oxford, NC.  The goal of NRBC is to provide an excellent Christian college education that is flexible, affordable and accessible to individuals who are unable to attend traditional colleges due to personal, family or ministry obligations.

Founded on the principles of faith, Northeastern Regional Bible College affirms:

  • That the Scriptures, Old and New Testaments, are the inspired, infallible and revealed Word of God.
  • That God has revealed Himself to be the living and true God, perfect in love and righteous in all His ways.
  • That God, who discloses Himself through His creation, has spoken in the words and events of redemptive history.  This history is fulfilled in Jesus Christ, the incarnate work, who is made known to us by the Holy Spirit in sacred Scripture.
  • That the Church is the Body of Christ and is comprised of all those who through belief in Christ have been spiritually regenerated by the indwelling Holy Spirit and that the mission of the Church is worldwide evangelization.

As an educational arm of the Church, Northeastern Regional Bible College seeks to serve the body of Christ in its worldwide ministry, combining the following emphases in the types of training we provide...


Northeastern Regional Bible College is committed to providing an academically and professionally qualified faculty wh ose appointments and advancements are dependent upon potential and acknowledged competence in teaching, writing, and professional practice.

MULTI-DENOMINATIONAL BREADTH — Northeastern Regional Bible College is pledged to service the entire church of Christ in its various expressions whether congregational, denominational, or multi-denominational. While maintaining a multi-denominational structure, NRBC encourages its students to work within existing church organizations.

VOCATIONAL DIVERSITY — In order to meet the demands of the church today, Northeastern Regional Bible College takes seriously the apostolic description of the church's nature – one body, many members.  For this reason, the various degree programs of NRBC are designed to provide training for a wide range of Christian service.

PERSONAL MATURITY — Northeastern Regional Bible College believes that the church of Christ must minister to the whole person.  The ultimate objective is that every graduate be equipped to model as well as foster in others a personal maturity which is demonstrated by loving service to others and responsible Christian discipleship.

SOCIAL CONCERN — Northeastern Regional Bible College has a deep-seated desire to demonstrate and to evoke a quality of discipleship which applies the biblical norms of love and justice in all human relationships.

Northeastern Regional Bible Collegeis an affiliate of Central Christian University in Wynne, Arkansas and is authorized to offer degree programs under their license and accreditation.  

It must become a hunger and passion for each body of believer’s to reach the greatest expectation that the Father has for them. It cannot be achieved by others desires for you alone, but must become, the greatest desire that one can have for oneself.




Admission to degree seeking status requires an official transcript of high
school graduation. G.E.D. students may be admitted upon presentation of a test score of 50 or
higher. Applicants must submit an Application Form, a letter of reference from a pastor or peer,
all transcripts, and the non-refundable $75 Application fee.
[Click here to download enrollment application]
[Click here to fill out enrollment application on-line]

The following criteria must be met for acceptance to a regular degree seeking status:

1.  High intellectual achievement and scholarship as evidenced by grades, entrance exams, and academic recommendations.  Specifically included:

a)    A cumulative GPA of 2.75 based on a 4.00 scale.  A minimum 3.00 grade point average in the major is desired.

b)    Each applicant must have a personal interview with an Educational Consultant to review his or her application and transcripts and determine the appropriate degree program the student should follow.  (These interviews should be in person, but telephone interviews are acceptable.)

2.  Students are required to work individually with an advisor on an on-going basis throughout each semester.  This advisor helps the students set academic goals, develop a course schedule, adapt to college life, and identify and solve potential problems before they become crises. The advisor also assists the student when additional direction is needed.

In keeping with our philosophy, the admissions department gives attention to – 
(a)   scholarly attainment as shown by the school record and examination,
(b)   desire for continuing formal education,
(c)   character and personality traits,
(d)   emotional health,
(e)   leadership qualities.


Students transferring from recognized theological seminaries will be given advanced standing to the extent that their credits approximate the curriculum of Northeastern Regional Bible College.  Since NRBC deems its courses essential for graduation, it will seldom be possible to extend credit for subjects bearing minor similarity to those listed in the prescribed curriculum. 


No courses used as credit toward undergraduate degrees will be accepted as credit toward a graduate degree. Courses graded less than "C" will not be transferred.  A copy of previous transcripts are to be sent to the NRBC’s Administrative Office for evaluation.    Upon completion of each evaluation, a NRBC counselor will notify the student regarding the number of credits accepted for transfer.  This information will be added to the student's transcript at the time of the evaluation.  Students must complete a minimum of 15 undergraduate hours to be eligible for any degree. Applicants will work individually with an advisor to assist in setting educational goals and develop a course of study for the semester. 


Northeastern Regional Bible College operates under the license and accreditation of Central Christian University (CCU), located in Wynne, Arkansas.  CCU is accredited by Transworld Accrediting Commission (TAC) out of Riverside, California and is an Approved Learning Center by the American Society of Christian Therapists (ASCT) and the National Christian Counselors Association (NCCA). The University is also licensed by The Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina.  CCU has been in operation since the late 1970’s, and has several regional study sites across the United States as well as Europe, Africa, Asia and the West Indies. 

Degree programs are for religious purposes only and are strictly intended for use in the religious community.  Therefore it is the responsibility of each student to determine, prior to registration at NRBC, that their degree program or studies meet admission, employment or transfer requirements.

NRBC makes no representations, promises or guarantees of employment or acceptability of transfer credits to any public or private educational institution.

Distance Learning

(Click here to download)

Through NRBC distance learning program, you can earn your degree from the comfort of your home. The curriculum in our distance learning program covers the same material as our onsite classes.  Thus, credits earned through the program are awarded at the same level as credits earned from taking onsite classes.

NRBC’s distance learning program allows students to take courses by way of online video and text-based instruction, which enables students to complete the class in an organized time frame. Each video session is between 50 to 60 minutes in duration. Also, each text-based class (non-video) allows the student to learn through the progression as set forth in the class syllabus.

Under the distance learning program students may also opt to enroll in courses through the “self-study” program. The self-study program course material is delivered to the student’s residence by way of UPS or US mail.  Students taking courses through the self-study program can complete course offerings at their own pace. 

To learn more about NRBC distance learning program contact our office:

Phone: 919-690-1982 or 919-847-8274

For more information about the distance leaning program, please complete the information form below:


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