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Northeastern Regional Bible (NRBC) is designed to allow maximum flexibility for students seeking to take courses through the college. Candidates may apply for admission as a degree or non-degree seeking student. 

Admission to degree seeking status requires an official transcript of high school graduation.  G.E.D. students may be admitted upon presentation of a test score of 50 or higher. Students enrolled in a “non-degree” status may earn credits that may later be transferred to a degree program.

Course work can be completed onsite through traditional classroom settings and seminars, and through independent study, or a combination of all three. Students can opt to enroll in onsite classes at one of our three locations; Oxford, Kittrell, and Wake Forest, North Carolina.

To learn more about the enrollment process contact our office.
To apply for admission to NRBC, please click here for a copy of the enrollment application.